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LiPo 6S 20Ah needed

Posted: Feb 10 2019 4:56am
by Marv1337n
I've bought this LiPo a month ago: ... tore=en_us with the intention to buy another 2 when I've got money. Now I've got the money but they're sold out. The UK warehouse won't ship to Germany, which frocking sucks. I need exactly the same capacity because I want to wire them in series. If anybody got a new 6S 20Ah LiPo I'll buy them from you for the same price as the HobbyKing site says.

Re: LiPo 6S 20Ah needed

Posted: Feb 17 2019 6:11am
by Marv1337n
Still needed..... I'm also taking MultiStar 10C LiPos.