2011 Zero XU battery

Looking for something? Need a special part, but can't find it online anywhere? Post what you need, maybe others will have it to sell.
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2011 Zero XU battery

Post by Chbect » Mar 31 2019 10:04am

Hi All,

I am looking for a :lowbatt: 2011 Zero XU battery.

I bought the 2011 Zero XU but it was packed for a few years and the battery was dead even if it was almost new.

I am located in France.
If anyone have an idea to find a compatible battery. That would be awesome.

Have a great weekend

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Re: 2011 Zero XU battery

Post by spinningmagnets » Mar 31 2019 12:10pm

This may take some research, but I believe the most common way to replace that battery pack is to use Nissan Leaf cells.

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Re: 2011 Zero XU battery

Post by seanyt » Apr 01 2019 4:55am

Hey im in the netherlands building a 2012 zero mx i got.

Im currently fitting 540 cells into the original battery box.
should be about 6.5kw once done.

but im using a zero fxs motor and controller so voltage is different.
But maybe consider talking to nkon.nl about getting some cells and building a new battery pack.

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Re: 2011 Zero XU battery

Post by Flyingkiwi1 » Mar 26 2021 2:29pm

Did you figure this one out? Do you mid sharing what you did as I am in the same predicament

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