[sell] Kona Stinky 1600 W Bafang BBSHD 8Fun

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[sell] Kona Stinky 1600 W Bafang BBSHD 8Fun

Postby Nafal » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:20 am


I have for sale Kona Stinky electric bike with the most powerful central engine Bafang BBSHD with a rated power of 1000W
The maximum power of the bike is over 1600 watts
The bike is powered by lithium ion battery 48v and 20 AH
Includes battery charger 3A
This combination gives incredible power and acceleration from the smallest speed, with v max at 60 km / h
The range is about 100 km at 25 km / h
As for the power of the bike:
This is a central engine, so it has far more torque than the lowest speed, in contrast to the same-power engine mounted in the rear hub.
H can handle easily on the sand or mud.
Moving up the hill even more steep is not a problem for him.
Sometimes when you start moving and you give too much gas, it can pick up front to the top :)
In addition, you have the ability to adjust the torque (power of the bike) through the classic shift. At the rear you have a bike that can handle the heavy terrain, and on the smallest rear rack you have a bike that easily catches most scooters :)
Another thing is the extra mode that helps push the bike. I personally use this when cycling the stairs, after holding the appropriate button, the bike rolls around 1-2 km / h and you will be able to effortlessly enter it even on the 4th floor.
In addition to the color display you can set among others:
Up to 9 levels of support
- Set speed limit with PAS support (up to max 45 km / h)
Our momentary power is to be shown in the Amperes or Watts
In the main menu of the display are values such as:
-% of battery charge \ current in battery
- Current speed
- Current support mode
- Current power consumption -
-Distance distance
mechanical components:
Frame: Kona Stinky 15.5 inches
Fork : bomber 888 170 mm
Damper: roco coil r
Derailleur: SRAM x7 9 gears
SRAM handle x5
Avid Juicy brakes
Handlebar: Truvativ Hussfelt
Front wheel: Dartmoor
Rear wheel: Supra BH
Maxxis Minion tires 2.5
Weight of the whole set is about 30 kg.
Driving this bike is fun, especially when you go into the woods, you will feel its power and acceleration, plus the suspension with a big jump will let you drive on really big verbs.

more photos priv

price: 2500euro
1 µW
1 µW
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Re: [sell] Kona Stinky 1600 W Bafang BBSHD 8Fun

Postby fechter » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:34 am

Where is it located?
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Re: [sell] Kona Stinky 1600 W Bafang BBSHD 8Fun

Postby PRW » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:40 am

I'm guessing Poland....
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Re: [sell] Kona Stinky 1600 W Bafang BBSHD 8Fun

Postby Nafal » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:35 pm

yes Poland:)
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