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TSDZ2 5 miles of use $250 OBO

Posted: Jun 13 2019 12:03am
by tomjasz
All good! Got the 48v and just never liked it. Always found it difficult to get settings right. Direct from manufacturer. Didn’t have a throttle so they replaced the controller for throttle use. I’m essentially clueless about the versions, and have enough bikes without spending valuable retirement days fussing about with this motor.

If there’s any serious interest by a DIYer ready to tweak on a good deal , I’ll take pictures of any details you need. Let me know what floats yer boat for details.

Shipping at actual cost, or you provide the label.

Did a number of group buys here and they were trouble free. I support customers for Akita’s reseller, but no TSDZ2 affiliations. for quickest responses

Re: TSDZ2 5 miles of use $250 OBO

Posted: Jun 29 2019 4:24pm
by DrInnovation
Just motor or does have controller, throttle etc?

Re: TSDZ2 5 miles of use $250 OBO

Posted: Feb 24 2020 2:02am
Intrested. Is this still available?

Re: TSDZ2 5 miles of use $250 OBO

Posted: Mar 24 2020 12:35pm
by xtinctionRebeller
In principle I could be interested.. but I need to mount this on a 100mm BB, which means I need a special extension, the price of which is normally over $100. If I can't find a more reasonably priced extension then I'll need to find a motor that includes one.


Posted: Mar 25 2020 11:43am
by tomjasz
Gave the KHS Smoothie with a 14Ah 29E cells and TSDZ2 to a fellow living in a boathouse. On $600/month. A life-changer for him.
Sorry I missed the response.

Re: TSDZ2 5 miles of use $250 OBO

Posted: Mar 26 2020 1:31am
by fourbanger
Right on.