For Sale- 2x Meanwell 700W CC/CV PSU 'unit-pair' 47.6V>65.7V chargers

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For Sale- 2x Meanwell 700W CC/CV PSU 'unit-pair' 47.6V>65.7V chargers

Post by fastorquer » Jun 30 2019 10:07pm

For sale:

Qty available: 2

These two 700W Constant Current/Constant Voltage function [CC/CV] Meanwell chargers are easily adjustable between 47.6V>65.7V voltage range.

These pre-wired 'unit-pairs' comprise 2x 350W MW S-250-27 chargers wired in series deliver 700W (ie. 13A output @54V = 700W).

One unit is terminated with 45A Anderson PowerPole PP45 plugs, the other a similar non-proprieatry high current connector, including a matching mate that can be connected to your battery/BMS.

Each unit-pair is powered from the same input mains power cable to minimise wall plugs (both PSU's wired in parallel), whereas the DC outputs are wired in series. This is made possible due to a floating voltage/isolated output stage design.

Within the easily adjusted voltage range - via front-mount trim-pots - these will accommodate charging of 11>15S Lithium Lipo/NMC or 13>18S LiFePO4 (up to 3.65V/cell).

Maximum voltage can be adjusted higher than 65.7V by replacing resistor R25, or installing a resistor/trim-pot in parallel with it See guidance on this topic here.

Note, in any case, if adjusting above 54V, the current limiting R33 resistor should be changed to maintain a maximum of 700W continuous total load. [Instructions here:].

I built these units a number of years ago (whilst working as an electronics engineer) for a project that I have recently accepted will never eventuate. These have been sitting in a box for a number of years since they were purchased new and professionally wired up. They have only been turned on without load for testing/calibration purposes, so effectively unused.

The aluminum strips that connect the units were professionally cut and drilled to fit the intended fastening holes in the sides of the PSU's, marrying both units together as a rigid single charger block. The cabling is all high quality, input and output cables are strain relieved and over-rated for the current required of them. All terminations are insulated for safety, and no live parts can be touched by fingers as there is a perspex screen accross the screw terminals.

These units can accomodate adjustable input voltage range so as to work with all countries mains voltage [110V~250V DC] via an adjustable selector switch. Just affix an appropriately fitted/adapted mains plug and select the appropriate switch position.
The units are currently fitted with an AUS/NZ plug. This can be easily changed to another country's plug specification by an international buyer if required.

Located in Australia, but happy to post overseas at buyers expense.

Price: AUD$150 each (~USD$105 at the time of writing)
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