FAT front/rear wheelbuild: Nexus8, Surly Fork, Weinmann DHL65

Got something to sell? Have extra parts that need a good home? Have something that others would need to complete their kits? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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FAT front/rear wheelbuild: Nexus8, Surly Fork, Weinmann DHL65

Post by ttobiassen » Jul 03 2019 8:17am

Hi all,

Pictures, but please read the post carefully: https://photos.app.goo.gl/c7LRMKAbjxEyt7DA7

TL;DR: Any or all of yuba rolling chassis with certain accessories, fat IGH rear wheel build, weird front fat wheelbuild.

YUBA Project bike, formerly with triangle battery and BBS02, is now an unfinished project. I'm moving to a FLAT state (florida). I'm willing to get rid of the whole bike if that's attractive to someone, and I'm also willing to keep it and trade for a high power hubmotor build (135-142 OLD preferred, 150 max).


Rear wheelbuild: Nexus 8 speed "redline" with roller brake, 36 spoke, laced into flat black Weinmann DHL65, with a BOA-G 26x3.45 tire on it. 135 OLD hub. YES, this wheel/tire combo clears everything on a YUBA mundo classic frame. Also have a 26x4.0 Vee Rubber Speedster tire that I could throw in if you want a little more FAT, but will warn you that that combo does NOT fit in the rear of the YUBA. Will come with twist-shifter.

Front wheel: Weinmann DHL65 laced to a ??-spoke disc brake hub, 100mm OLD. 100mm OLD for a front FAT fork is weird, but that's what the wheelbuilder wanted to do, so I also have an older Surly Puglsey "reach-around" fat fork which is wide up where the tire has to fit but narrow down at the dropout. This means you usually have to have the tire deflated while mounting it.

Ways in which I'd like to sell this:

Everything, WITH a YUBA MUNDO (rolling frame + stem and handlebars + Yuba specific accessories): $500
Front and Rear wheels with specialty fork: $250
Rear wheelbuild: $150
Front wheelbuild with fork: $50.

These items are large, so shipping is on you. I live in Pittsburgh PA currently (and will be driving down to Jacksonville FL in a couple weeks), so local pickup in either Pittsburgh or Jacksonville FL is possible, as is (maybe) a dropoff somewhere along the interstate route between Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and Jacksonville.

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