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*SOLD* 4S 16000mAH Turnigy Multi-star packs, QTY8 available

Posted: Jul 03 2019 8:28am
by ttobiassen

Hi guys,

TL;DR: 8 packs, some brand new, others with less than 10 cycles, well cared for. $50/each or $300 for all. Shipping on the buyer.

I bought these packs in summer of 2017 for my Power Racing Series go-kart project (about 4000watt peak draw, continuous around 1500watt), and after two race weekends (running them as 12S16AH) we ended up not using them anymore. Instead, we now use a very large Leaf module pack.

I've taken very good care of these packs, all the while hoping I would have time to use them for a cool project. Alas.

I own a Hobbyking Quattro 4x6S charger, and once per quarter I will balance charge the packs to full, then slow discharge to maintenance charge (50% SoC) and monitor the internal resistance and cell voltages carefully, failing any packs that at ANY time show more than 0.1V deviation from highest cell to lowest cell. I originally had 12 packs, but one got dropped (physical damage), one was questionable straight from Hobbyking, and 2 others started to have too much drift between cells so I got rid of them.

So, 8 packs available, never shown any drift more than 0.1 V even after 3 month storage, none puffy. 2 of them have never been used at all and the rest have seen maybe 6-10 cycles.

I have a hookup on shipping these UPS since my former workplace was a "certified hazardous shipper" and we all had training, so I can in fact ship these safely to you, but only 2 per package. Also, I'm located in Pittsburgh but will be driving to Jacksonville Florida in a couple weeks, so local pickup/dropoff available in Pittsburgh, Charlotte, or Jacksonville (or somewhere along the interstate on the way down) also available.

Asking $50/pack or $300 for the lot. Shipping cost is on you. Units will come in bubble wrap IN THEIR ORIGINAL BOX, and then overwrapped with additional packaging for safe shipment.