SOLD! Used Tidalforce 26" Front Battery Hubs

Got something to sell? Have extra parts that need a good home? Have something that others would need to complete their kits? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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SOLD! Used Tidalforce 26" Front Battery Hubs

Post by ambroseliao » Jul 10 2019 3:45pm

SOLD! I have a bunch of dead Tidalforce electric bike front battery hubs I need to clear out. They are 26" wheels and have 30 D sized NiMH cells that no longer hold a charge. They have been kept indoors and look to be in great shape. No bent rims, rust, etc.

The rims are all high quality/heavy duty Alexrims. Many are the G3000 rims which have a triangular profile. Some are DM24s which have a more rectangular profile. They all have thick spokes and the spokes are either silver or black. They are drilled for schrader valves.

The batteries and BMS are mounted to the axle which is 100 mm wide and has flattened sides and additional torque tabs to keep them from rotating in the dropouts. The battery/BMS is part of the axle so they do not rotate with the wheel. The case is attached to the spokes which rotates with the wheels. The cables come out of the axle and are mounted inside a covered piece which protects them from damage. There are BMS connectors and a pair of high current Delphi battery connectors. Some come with Anderson Powerpoles. These connectors connect to the internal circuit board which can be bypassed and removed (the BMS board) to make room for more cells. The large power leads can easily be re-purposed for other battery types.

The internal NiMH battery holder is made of molded plastic and shaped to hold 30 D sized 9AH NiMH cells. The holders can easily be modified to hold whatever battery type you wish. Think Dremel shaping!

To open the case, you'll need a 3 legged gear puller once you remove the bolts holding the case closed. It's pretty straightforward since there are no magnets as found in a typical electric bike motor.

Lastly, I have a bunch and they are heavy so shipping will probably be in the $30-40 range, so I'm asking $75 each including shipping. I'm basically trying to find them good homes where they can be repurposed for other ebikers.

I can include a 100mm quick release skewer if you wish.

Paypal only. USA only. Thanks for your consideration.

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Re: Used Tidalforce 26" Front Battery Hubs

Post by fourbanger » Jul 16 2019 10:04am

If someone could redesign these to run 20700s they could own the universe.

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