A123 and Headway LiFePo4 pack, 72v (USA, central TX)

Have extra parts that need a good home? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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A123 and Headway LiFePo4 pack, 72v (USA, central TX)

Post by veloman » Jun 08 2020 11:56am

I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in this heavily used, 9 year old battery. It's two packs in series.
Main pack is 16s A123 26650 cells, it's 4p, but only gets about 4ah (from the original 9.2ah). It has a bms. Was made by Paul at EM3EV back in 2011.
Additional 7s Headway high power pack, same about 4ah from original 8ah. (no bms on the headways, just balance leads, they seem to stay balanced and I rarely check them.)
I bulk charge the whole thing to 79v.

It's now a short range battery (300 watt hours or so), but can still happily put out 2000 watt peaks. It's probably around 12-14lbs.

I've put probably 1200-1400 cycles on it.

I'm in Austin TX. It's not worth it to ship I think? Taking offers, maybe $80? Who wants to put the next 1000 cycles of blasting around on it?
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