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Posted: Aug 24 2020 8:18am
by wojtek
For sale my used Adaptto Max-E kit.

Even though it was very little used and installed inside my Velomobile (controller and display were dry at all times) there are some scratches (see pictures).

Controller / Display / BMS hardware (unused) / Charging coil (unused) / + extra power wires and extension wires with connectors and 4 and 7 PINs connectors with wires.

I used it lightly with Mxus 3k motor (around 1000W). The autodetect process was not working 100% (known issue- see forums) but the setup was working smoothly and flawlessly nevertheless.

Price for all 490EUR, would prefer to ship locally in Germany (pick up available in Darmstadt area) but am open to ship worldwide.

Pics here:

Re: Adaptto Max-E kit (EU)

Posted: Aug 26 2020 2:02am
by wojtek
Special deal for ES:
635 EUR including a power suppy of your choice:




Re: Adaptto Max-E kit (EU)

Posted: Aug 27 2020 3:57pm
by brumbrum
Would you sell the display?

Re: Adaptto Max-E kit (EU)

Posted: Aug 30 2020 7:38am
by wojtek
Hello Andrew,

I would prefer to sell all as a kit.

Also have MiniE kit with burnt mosfet that i am willing to sell cheap (150EUR incl shipping for whole set incl display / bms / controller)

Best regards,

Re: Adaptto Max-E kit (EU)

Posted: Aug 30 2020 9:55am
by wojtek
Price drop. 450EUR incl shipping within EU.