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Wondering what it's all worth

Posted: Mar 27 2021 9:13pm
by youreaspeedemon
Been a long time, looking to clean out some stuff in the garage. Not posting this as an ad or anything so please don't delete or flag or anything of the sort, I'm just trying to get some feedback from you all on approximate values of this stuff.

The following stuff is on Specialized Stump Jumper full suspension mountain bike with front hydraulic disc brake and wide Crazy Bob tires. Has a pizza disc front sprocket to keep up at 40mph in top gear. It also has heavy duty custom torque arms from getadirtbike.

Bear in mind that this stuff was sourced and put together 12 years ago, the controller was updated internally when I got the lithium battery about 8-9 years ago. It's been minimally cycled and kept stored mostly around 80-90 soc

1. Crystalyte Phoenix 5304 Cruiser
2. 36-72V 48A Start Immediate Digital Controller (IRFB4110 Mosfets) from
3. 72v 24s4p lifepo4 cellman em3ev triangle pack with a123 cells
4. Gen 2 large screen Cycle Analyst from
5. Crystalyte Twist Throttle
6. Dual super bright direct plug headlights
7. Two 72v 6a? chargers sourced through cellmans business em3ev

I have some other stuff that I never upgraded to because life gets in the way

Infineon controller (pretty sure) bigger and better than what I have on the bike

24v soneil chargers think 4a and 8a and other bits Throttle and cruise not sure what else, cleaning the garage and finding things as I go

It's unfortunately likely all dated stuff now and I assume that there isn't much value but I'm curious.

Thanks for reading

Re: Wondering what it's all worth

Posted: Mar 31 2021 10:52am
by bionx 1954
A similar New Infineon controller from Grin Ebike .ca list at 185.00 usd for a 36-72@40A , New c/a are 80-100 usd. There is a market for used Ebike .ca products Controller /Cycle Analyst / lights.

Re: Wondering what it's all worth

Posted: Apr 06 2021 11:09am
by The Mighty Volt
Well, batteries tend to go down in value over time.

Motors like the Crystalyte are now "Obsolete" but then again some people, like me, don't really feel that way, so there could be a chance that SOME people would be interested in buying them.

Basically what you have listed is about 10 years + off the pace, at least.

But if it's all working, I wouldn't accept less than $700 for the lot, excluding postage.

Re: Wondering what it's all worth

Posted: Apr 15 2021 8:09pm
by vice.ral1
How much would you want for one of the controllers?