Qulbix 76 with 3KWH battery for sale

Have extra parts that need a good home? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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Qulbix 76 with 3KWH battery for sale

Post by Offroader » Apr 07 2021 3:21pm

I'm putting up for sale a Qulbix 76. I'm not yet sure if I should part it out or sell the complete bike.
I'll take reasonable offers for parts of the bike or the complete bike.

Bike is located in New York City.

Please make offers for the frame or battery, or any parts as I will probably wind up parting the bike out as I doubt anyone will buy a complete bike.

The bike comes with the bicycle seat attachment, and the motorcycle seat which is what I use.

Qulbix 76 with max-e adaptto controller + BMS.
3KWH battery, a whopping 20s14p pack using samsung 3500 MAH cells. This is a massive battery on a very thin frame.
The cells are Samsung NCR 18650GA cells with few cycles on them, and always stored around 30-50% capacity to save battery life.
Cromotor on a 17" motorcycle rim.
26" front wheel.

Here is a picture of the bike. Remember, the qulbix 76 is one of the thinnest framed bikes you can get and with a 3kwh battery, this is motorcycle power and range in a small bicycle frame.

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