My 2009 Hymotion Prius for sale (Reduced)

Got something to sell? Have extra parts that need a good home? Have something that others would need to complete their kits? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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My 2009 Hymotion Prius for sale (Reduced)

Post by wb9k » Aug 11 2015 10:22pm

Text is copied from my listing on the Metro Detroit Craigslist. Photos and further details can be seen there. 92,000 miles, asking 10,000.

Nice clean Gen II Prius with working Hymotion L5 plug-in conversion kit, which provides over 30 miles of heavily augmented hybrid electric assist at any speed. Best mileage for a 10.5 gallon tankful of gas I have achieved is ~105 mpg, which I have done a few times now. MUCH more full electric driving than a stock Prius. Car must be driven properly to achieve these numbers, winter mileage is less. You can expect to get about 2X the mileage the stock car would provide for any given driving style. Can charge with regular 15 Amp 120V wall outlet (recommended--0 to 100% charge time is ~4.5 hours) OR 240V (full charge in ~2.5 hours). No special charge station needed. Draws max of around 10 Amps from a 120V outlet. Battery pack is comprised of 5 kW of A123 lithium iron phosphate (aka LiFePO4 or LFP) cylindrical cells, and a comprehensive safety and management system. The Hymotion Prius was the world's first crash-test certified PHEV. Mile for mile, electric is less than 1/2 the price of gas, even at today's prices. At $4/g, it's 1/4 the price of gas. After plug-in battery is depleted, car seamlessly reverts to normal hybrid mode--no range anxiety.

Car has the better energy monitor screen. Body has no rust at all. Minor damage to the rear bumper, nothing serious. Has been garage kept for the last three years, was bought from Toyota dealer (unmodified) as used certified. Car, including original hybrid battery, and add-on plug-in battery pack have been flawless for over 30,000 plug-in supported miles. Moving on to a full electric truck and need to sell--but will be keeping our other Hymotion Prius! I'll be happy to show you tips and tricks to get the most out of this car and can also steer you toward support if you ever have problems with the Hymotion battery. Be aware that the spare tire and jack have been removed from the car to accommodate the extra battery. All floor mats and tonneau cover and a heavy duty extension cord for charging included. Clean title does have a lien. Every effort will be made to expedite getting a clear title. Thanks for looking!
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Re: My 2009 Hymotion Prius for sale (Reduced)

Post by mephman » Feb 27 2018 7:36pm

Did you end up selling this? I might be interested if you still want to sell it. If you dont, do you know where I could find one?

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