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Ebike Bafang BBS02 middrive - Gary Fisher 17.5" - Seattle

Posted: Aug 03 2017 11:28am
by jakli
Hi everyone, longtime lurker but first time posting. But based on my knowledge gained on Endless Sphere, I build myself a Bafang BBS02 Mid drive e-bike a couple of years ago to commute through the steep Seattle hills. As it turns out, I moved from a hilly area to near the flat Burke Gillman trail about a month after I built the bike, so it has only been used about 12-15x. Although I'd love to keep the bike, but I am now moving to the flat midwest where I have no need for this at all, and I can't figure out the challenges of safely mailing the battery (UPS needs hazmat training to ship). So my loss is your gain.

I have a couple of challenges:
1. My car has been shipped so you have to come meet me in Fremont Seattle.
2. I am limited due to travel to selling this thing either today or 8/14.

For sale is an Ebike built from a Bafang BBS02 mid drive electric motor. Kit was purchased from EM3EV, as you know here this is one of the premier resellers of Ebike kits. Mid drive motors use your bikes own gearing system to easily climb up even steep hills, prefect for Seattle. Care was taken to make this a stealth build as I did not want to attract attention while riding it to work.

Battery is a generous 50V, 12.3Ah and uses high quality 25R cells. Real life use gave me 4-5 days of 5 mile round trip travel at 20mph. (You can probably go further if you're less lazy than me). Faster speeds available with controller unlock. Partial mounting of controls allows for easy removal of battery and kit to allow bike to be secured while going into stores or at work.

Included would be:
1. Bike (Gary Fisher Mantou,17.5 inch) which also includes:
-Two lightly used 26x1.5 Panasonic Panaracer tires
-Kickstand installed
-Topeak explorer bike rack
-Topeak MTX trunk bag (For holding battery) - Removable
-Topeak rain cover
2. BBS02 750 Watt motor including controller with buttons, extra e-brake, extra throttle
3. Battery is 50V, 12.3Ah (25R) buit by EM3EV with battery charger
4. Additional: 1 extra e-brake and throttle not attached but will be included.

The BBS02 kit with battery cost me $1385.95, all the accessories cost me $146.20, and the bike frame was inherited but probably worth about $50 and has two very lightly used tires.

I have no time to deal with buyers that aren't serious. I offered this bike up on Craigslist for $975, but had a buyer flake on me after test riding as he wasn't an informed enough buyer and was not prepared to close the deal. For Endless Sphere readers, I'll offer this up at $800 cash.

Buyer understands that bike is sold as is with no warranty. Buyer acknowledges that they have the knowledge and understanding to safely operate, maintain the bike.

Re: Ebike Bafang BBS02 middrive - Gary Fisher 17.5" - Seattl

Posted: Aug 06 2017 11:19pm
by bchaney
Sweet bike. If I didn't already have one I'd be tempted to buy this one. Good luck!

Re: Ebike Bafang BBS02 middrive - Gary Fisher 17.5" - Seattl

Posted: Aug 08 2017 12:56pm
by jakli
Thanks! It was a really fun project. Any takers out there? Its a great deal for someone that needs to do a commute in the Seattle area.

Re: Ebike Bafang BBS02 middrive - Gary Fisher 17.5" - Seattl

Posted: Aug 11 2017 10:53pm
by jakli

Re: Ebike Bafang BBS02 middrive - Gary Fisher 17.5" - Seattle

Posted: Mar 03 2018 1:41pm
by nlhaines
Still for sale?