Mega Battery! 20s28p (72V, 95Ah) = 6840Wh!

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Mega Battery! 20s28p (72V, 95Ah) = 6840Wh!

Post by Bujakoto » Oct 25, 2017 2:07 pm


This is my ebikes:

In January 2018 I start a new project, so this is time to getting money to new ebikes:

So, for sale essence of this ebikes:

One of the biggest batteries that can be used in ebike.

560pcs cells Li-ion 18650 Sanyo BL 3400mAh!
20s28p (72V - 95Ah) configuration with 7A discharge current per cell, which in a 28p configuration gives you a normal suction with a battery at 100A (50% of 7A), reasonably. 120-130A it is OK (instantaneous current).

The battery looks like this:

This looks like before connecting and conducting cables:


Battery capacity is as much as:
~6840Wh !!!

Battery capacity allows you to drive:
* 150km of max driving speed even 95km/h without pedaling.
* 200km less than 50km/h without pedaling
* 300km of delicate driving (without slipping to 45km/h with little pedaling)

Given ranges are the most I have done! No problem. My weight is 65kg.

BMS 80A / 10A (You can change it)


Additional info on battery:
* I drive the 65A settings from the battery which gives just 2.3A load on the cell! :)
* The battery is perfectly balanced with 84V
* Battery was only three times unloaded to zero :)
* I mostly load when the battery was only half empty
* Charge cycles ~ 80
* The distance traveled on battery is ~8000km

The battery consists of 4 modules

The installation of the battery in the frame lasted 40 hours with a watch in hand.

Price is 1500euro

Battery with wires, BMS etc ..... weigh ~ 28-30kg.
Battery protection, packaging, bubble wrap is ~ 5kg

So the cost of courier delivery looks like this:

UPS or GLS courier: 2 days delivery:
35 euro = Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Luxemburg, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic,
45 euro = Italy, France, Greece
55 euro = Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland,
235 euro = Malta, Norway, Iceland (airplane only)

(If I did not exchange your country, I'm sorry)

The battery only fits into the VECTOR or ENDURO frame, so if it is mounted in a frame then I can sell BATTERY + FRAME.
1500euro Battery
350euro Frame

Then the cost of shipping is Free, because I take on Himself (outside the countries of Malta, Norvergia, Iceland - too expensive).

If you are interested in buying a complete ebike, of course there is a possibility (Then I will give you his specifications, then we'll talk)

This is my first post on the forum (although my account was set up long time ago) I can be very unreliable, so I give the address of my store-online in Poland.

Payment probably the best for You PayPal.

If there are questions, ask.

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Re: Mega Battery! 20s28p (72V, 95Ah) = 6840Wh!

Post by Headmaster » Nov 22, 2017 4:55 am


Yes maybe interested in frame!

Ian... PM me...

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Re: Mega Battery! 20s28p (72V, 95Ah) = 6840Wh!

Post by steveo » Dec 01, 2017 6:05 pm

WOW that battery is hudge!!!!
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Re: Mega Battery! 20s28p (72V, 95Ah) = 6840Wh!

Post by alec » Dec 01, 2017 6:40 pm

I want that battery so, so badly. Assuming you can't ship to the USA due to legal reasons?
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