Astro Flight 3210 (5 turn) $300....... SOLD

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Astro Flight 3210 (5 turn) $300....... SOLD

Post by recumpence » Nov 08, 2017 6:37 pm


5 turn Astro Flight 3210 motor. This motor has a hardened shaft. It was bought new 9 months ago. It runs perfect. I just went to a lower kv 3220 motor. The motor has flats in the shaft for set screw pulleys. The only blemish is a very slight fading of the black anodizing from being out in the sun light. Other than that, it runs like brand new. This motor was $470 new. I am selling it for $300.

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Re: Astro Flight 3210 (5 turn) $350.......

Post by Manuponapples » Nov 09, 2017 10:40 am

Ready? I've been pedaling for a while. I started 20 months ago on a beat up huffy with bent rims. Lol. I was determined to be traveling all responsibilities gone in the wind! After many miles a couple of tents, hammocks water filtration, sleeping bags,backpacks,,,ropes,army survival manuals, plant knowledge for foraging when I'm hungry with no money, kitchens in the big citys giving a way meals, learning the basics of trespassing laws. And a need for a place to sleep inverter communities, meeting lots of people some good some bad, adopting a pit bull as a traveling companion, upgrading to a pull behind Bob trailer. I've settled with my lovely girlfriend in Knoxville, tn. Settling here for 3 months has been a privilege and a challenge. I decide to part ways with my old cyclross bike because the gearing was not meant for the hills of the Smokey mountains. I landed an older full suspension trek which I've taken the time to breath new life back into because it meant my price range and I was growing tired of being slammed around on a bike. For now the plan is to stay with my girlfriend and keep working. Through all my pedaling I had dreamed of an electric bike, now I'm making an effort to bring it forth. I've been studying trying to make my way through all the information on the web. I'm still feeling a little frustrated. Ive learned the Astro motors are good. I've learned for long-term use, like bike is my primary mode of transportation it's better to keep things from getting hot. And it's can be quite expensive putting together a reliable quality motor and battery. I like the idea of keeping the weight down so I still feel like I've got a bicycle, and I've got an awesome trailer to put as much battery as needed and then some. Because some days it's nice to take a break and still be productive, letting the motor and battery do the work for me. I'm hoping we could work together to make something work for me. I know your drivetrains work good, is there a way to assemble one of those with your motor for sale to make a working electric bike?
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