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FS: Two 26" Bionx P350 kits

Posted: Dec 23 2017 11:16am
by alan
These are older units with all parts, but depleted batteries. Both have the newer bus design. One (grey) is eight years old with about 15K miles and has the throttle integrated with the console display. The other (white) is about five years old with about 12K miles and has the newer quieter and torquier motor and separate throttle. All the original parts (motor in wheel, display/control console, battery, battery mounting bracket, charger, cables, brake sensor, manual), with everything in good usable shape except the batteries in both are exhausted.

The Bionx system has the greatest wheel-axle torque sensing pedal assist, and also has a throttle override for additional temporary boosting or pedal-free riding. The older unit has a very slight hum with full throttle at slow speeds (perfectly normal for the older controller), while the newer unit is perfectly silent and smoother and significantly stronger low speed torque (even though both are rated at the same power). Both of these units saw 22 mile daily work commutes for nearly three years, with flawless performance, until retirement.

$75 for the white newer model, $50 for the older grey model, or $100 for both. Pickup or delivery only in or near Tempe, AZ.

Re: FS: Two 26" Bionx P350 kits

Posted: Feb 15 2018 2:27am
by vits88
Is it still available? Thanks

Re: FS: Two 26" Bionx P350 kits

Posted: Feb 15 2018 5:39am
by Arvand
Si aun los tienes yo te compro los dos

If you have , I buy the two kit s sorry my bud english

Re: FS: Two 26" Bionx P350 kits

Posted: Apr 17 2018 9:24am
by alan
Sold. Thanks, Endless Sphere.