Yuba Mundo v4.3 frame with many extras $500

Got something to sell? Have extra parts that need a good home? Have something that others would need to complete their kits? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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Yuba Mundo v4.3 frame with many extras $500

Post by kiltedcelt » Jan 05 2018 2:56pm

Selling my Yuba Mundo v.4.3 frame. I bought this back when Yuba still sold framesets. It's a hi-ten steel main frame with cro-moly steel fork. The frame was internally treated with Frame Saver before I assembled it. Frame is solid with no rust and only minor paint rubs in a few areas, like where I regular carried pannier bags and took them on and off. Frame details are as follows:

-comes with TRP Spyke dual piston mechanical disc brakes and levers. Will come with a 180mm rear rotor and a 203mm front rotor - the Mundo frame must use 180mm rear but I can include a 160mm front if you choose but it will not be TRP and will likely not have a TRP front caliper adapter but will probably be Avid or some other brand.
-Ritchey headset
-Titec seatpost - two bolt micro-adjust
-stock Yuba dual leg kickstand
-custom chain guide in case you use an internally geared rear hub - not needed with regular drivetrain
-custom 3D printed box for mounting controller and containing all controller wiring - fits into rear part of cargo frame behind seat
-front Steco Samba frame mount cargo rack- will hold a case of beer in cans
-weight capacity of frame and rider is 640 lbs. - plenty of room for extra batteries.
-custom Starboard HDPE top deck and running boards.
-SKS front mtb fender and rear custom ABS fender
-Frame stock as capacity for 3.0 tires which is what I ran - can take a larger front if you use a fatbike fork and rear I believe can take up to 3.5, maybe larger - I never tried.

Now the important stuff - local pick up is fine - if you want to me to ship it, buyer pays actual shipping cost from Bike Flights - This will ship in a tandem frame size box and from zip code 60637 in case you want to estimate your shipping costs.
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Re: Yuba Mundo v4.3 frame with many extras $500

Post by cal3thousand » Feb 07 2018 7:14pm

I can't see the image. Anyone else having this issue?
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Re: Yuba Mundo v4.3 frame with many extras $500

Post by Raisedeyebrows » Feb 08 2018 1:20pm

I can't see the photo either.

Looks like a good deal for somebody, I have the same bike w/ BBSHD installed and a Big Dummy Fork, climbs hills like a champ. The disk system already installed is an excellent up grade too, I just have BB7's with compressionless housing on mine and they stop the bike nicely with weight Bombing down steep hills. These bikes are workhorses that will carry a lot of weight and the long wheelbase makes them ride like motorcycles, taking corners at speed is a blast.
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