TSM2500 Chargers 48V-130V Max 3KW

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TSM2500 Chargers 48V-130V Max 3KW

Post by giacomophx » Jan 16, 2018 4:29 pm


I am selling 2 TSM2500 3KW Max CAN Enable 96V (it can go from 48V to 130V) + CAN Controller:
http://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/tsm2500 ... oller.html (Original price $1,150)

One J1772 To Chargers adapter + C13 (bought from http://www.tucsonev.com) (Original price $165)

One Y cable to connect the two chargers to the Zero motorcycle. (I made it ....)

I have made a setup to charge my zero motorcycle at ~6KW with the Y cable to connect the 2 chargers in parallel.
The CAN Controller is set to 116V and can be easily changed with a PC/Laptop.
I have trimmed down all the unused Controller cables and connected the Controller ON to the 12V so it starts automatically.

The system works great (I have used it only once to test it) but I am not using it, so I am selling it.

I am in San Diego CA, USA, Asking price $650, shipping included.

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