MGM Compro 25063 and Headway LiFePo4 cells

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MGM Compro 25063 and Headway LiFePo4 cells

Post by fabianpusch » Feb 19, 2018 3:24 pm

I am selling an MGM Compro 25063, the industrial version.
The esc has the following additional functions:
Water resistent
Water cooling
Emergency shut off and stop
Logger of data
The price for a new one was about 750 Euros, I would like to have 450 Euros.

LiFePo4 cells from Headway type 38140 SE, bought in Germany.
At least 64 cells. Price was 26 Euros each cell.
Now I would like to have 10 Euros for each cell.
Cells have been used for 5 times with an BMS.

Both was used for a jet surfboard...I am also selling the first prototype.
I have to stop this project due to the birth of my daughter.

Esc plus cells 1000 Euros. It is a really good offer.

Kind Regards

Location Switzerland or South of Germany

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Re: MGM Compro 25063 and Headway LiFePo4 cells

Post by csjones10d » Feb 22, 2018 8:47 am

how much for 24 of the headway cells posted to the uk thanks

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