Nickel plated copper strip - 0.25 x 15 mm

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Nickel plated copper strip - 0.25 x 15 mm

Post by Monstarr » Mar 05 2018 2:56pm

I have a lot of EV battery connection material which is made off of nickel plated copper strips of 0.25mm x 15 mm thick.
Not really usefull as DIY spotwelding strips because theyre too wide, thick and copper has too low resistance to make a decent weld. But nevertheless I was wondering if someone on ES perhaps has a need for them.
Each main strip consists of 5 stacked strips which are still spotwelded in the front and end. Buyer may pry these loose.
In total this should mean around 95-100 meter of single strips varying from 10 cm to 100 cm weighing just a little less than 3 KG in total.

I don't ask a lot more than the red copper scrap price with a bit of labour costs from removing all the wire isolation.
Lets say 25 euros?

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