WANTED: Dual disk front hub

Got something to sell? Have extra parts that need a good home? Have something that others would need to complete their kits? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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WANTED: Dual disk front hub

Post by nomorefours » Jun 26 2018 8:02pm


I am looking to add a second front disk to my e-bike.

I already have DNM USD-8 forks, which have caliber mounting lugs on both sides, but I need to find a hub that has disk mounts on both sides.

I have seen reference to the 'Voloci' hubs on this site, and also the US Chopper ones, but I cannot seem locate one of these, or one similar.

I already have the Gatorbrake 8 piston caliper mounted on the front LH side, so ideally I would like the RH version (mirror image) of this caliber (with bracket), but I cannot seem to locate one of these either...so I would certainly consider a different master cylinder / caliper combination.

Any help or suggestions, would be much appreciated!



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Re: WANTED: Dual disk front hub

Post by skeetab5780 » Jun 27 2018 6:22am

I have those same forks but I also cannot find a dual 6-bolt iso front hub 20mm>>110mm anywhere online...

I found 1 CAD design in Google pics that's it

The Voloci only used a dual disc hub on the rear that is thru axle bolted and about 135mm wide, so it will not work

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Re: WANTED: Dual disk front hub

Post by DanGT86 » Jun 27 2018 9:17am


This is the only place I have seen them still listed as for sale. Who knows if they actually have stock.

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Re: WANTED: Dual disk front hub

Post by e-beach » Jun 27 2018 9:58am

nomorefours wrote:
Jun 26 2018 8:02pm

I am looking to add a second front disk to my e-bike.
What do the side covers on you motor look like? It might be possible to pull the non break side cover and replace it with one that has a disk break mount on it. It depends on you motor type and manufacture.
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Re: WANTED: Dual disk front hub

Post by 2WheelsMovesTheSoul » Jun 27 2018 10:23am

I got you fam...

I already wasted plenty of time trying to track one down, this site has them and in stock.
http://www.zelenavozila.com/catalog check page 8

I wanna say it was like $96 total, showed up in 7 days and was subject to theft (taxation) at every port along the way. Actual price was $60.

With that solved. The mirrored brake caliper you want is the Tektro Auriga, originally sold for a recumbent.
tektro.jpg (12.58 KiB) Viewed 612 times
Personally I found these waaaaay overpriced for the performance (2pot) these would have provided. Get'em here:

I eventually just bought 3 Shimano Zee 4pot calipers (with the heatsink finned pads) and fabbed my own right side caliper mounting bracket from some scrap aluminum block.

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Re: WANTED: Dual disk front hub

Post by nomorefours » Jul 17 2018 11:28pm

Thanks very much to all who provided helpful suggestions!

I finally (with help) got it all figured out...

1. Dual Disk Hub options:


https://risseracing.com/store/index.php ... 0e2d5b00aa


I ended up ordering from the last one.

2. Mirror Image calipers:



In the end, I found matching L&R 8 piston Gator calipers and mounting brackets, on eBay in Germany (4 and 6 piston were also made in RH and LH versions):

https://www.ebay.de/sch/i.html?_osacat= ... e&_sacat=0

NOTE Gatorbrakes are no longer in production, so pick up some extra brake pads on Bay if you go this route.


'Rechts' is 'RH Side' in German, and 'Links' is 'LH side'. 'Vorne' is 'front' and 'hinten' is 'rear'. Just copy and paste text into Google Translate.

I will post again once I figure out the master cylinder requirements, which I will do using proper industry standard hydraulic engineering protools (piston size is critical, relative to piston size in the calipers).

Also still needing to sort out are a hydraulic splitter, or banjo bolt arrangement to allow two hoses to connect to the master cylinder...

Almost there!



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