ACDC Electronic Model EL-750 Electronic LOAD BANK TESTED

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ACDC Electronic Model EL-750 Electronic LOAD BANK TESTED

Post by bigmoose » Aug 11 2018 6:23pm

Gents, I have 3 of these ACDC Electronic Model EL-750 Electronic LOAD Bank that are perfect for Lithium Battery cyclic life testing or power supply testing. I have them up on that auction site that we all know and love... haha... but would give preferential treatment to ES members.

All units have been cleaned and calibrated. All functions work on all units. One had a bit of a knock when it was shipped to me, and is priced a bit lower due to cosmetic damage to the case.
Prices: Unit 1 and 2 asking $349 open to offers, Unit 3 is $299 also open to offers. Shipping will be additional priced at cost. I suggest UPS. They each weigh about 25 lbs. Items are located in OH, USA. Payment via paypal.
Here is the listing
ACDC Electronics Model EL-750 Electronic LOAD Lithium Battery Power Supply

You are bidding on an ACDC Electronics EL750B DC Load Bank 0-50V 0-200A TESTED. This item has been TESTED under load by our Lab Technician and all functions work as they should. Item has been thoroughly cleaned (internal heat sinks and fans, exterior) and Amp/Current metering circuits calibrated.

The EL750B is ideal for the determination of (Lithium) Battery characteristics. In the constant current mode, it functions to test discharge rates of Lithium batteries or capacitor banks. This is how we used it. We ganged 5 of these units in parallel to power cycle a customer's vehicle/robotic propulsion battery for cyclic testing. The 5 ACDC EL750B's performed flawlessly during that contract.

The EL750B is also ideal for verification of single output power supply operation. Static or dynamic resistance loading tests performance such as output regulation or transient response. External variable load modulation can be used to determine output impedance at specific frequencies.

Used with an external DC power source, it becomes a variable constant current supply useful for measurement of resistance values of components or motor coils under operating conditions. The forward voltage drop of rectifier diodes or high current terminal connections can also be tested in this fashion.


Dissipates up to 750W with a voltage range of 1.8V to 55VDC with up to 150A
Static or Dynamic Testing Capable
Constant Current or constant Resistance modes selected by front panel
Built-in square wave generator at 120 Hz or 1 KHz operation for dynamic loading
Programmable with externally applied variable DC voltage(s) via rear connector
Meter shunt for calibration or digital read-out via rear connector
Front panel fault detectors
Model: EL750B Unit 3 has some cosmetic damage to case

Item with ship with full operation and repair manual on CD.

If you need additional specifications, drop me a note and I will send a link to a 9 page expanded specification manual for this unit. If you are interested can post pictures of other units and of course, will answer all questions!

All the best,
Dave AKA bigMoose
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