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ME Motor- SOLD [Calgary, Canada]

Posted: Aug 25 2018 5:19pm
by spuzzete
I am cleaning up the garage/office as I will be moving out of the country at the end of the year.

I am located in Calgary, Canada. Prefer local pickup but I can ship most items. Buyer will pay shipping cost(s). Batteries will not be shipped.

1) Motenergy ME0201014201 6hp cont. 19hp peak 250USD/325CAD +
Kelly KLS7240S 24-72V 350A Sinusoidal Brushless controller with heatsink BOTH SOLD.

I bought these Items on this forum and I took them out of the box just to take pictures and post them here. I bought them for a light motorcycle project but then I bought a Zero and never used them.

A lot of connectors and cables are included in the package. The fan cover of the motor is a bit damaged (see pic)


- Motenergy: ... hp-pk.html




2)Additive Bike Bag V2 - 90USD/115CAD SOLD

This bag was used only a few times as I sold the bike it was intended to be used on. It's basically new. Paid over 180CAD new.


3) Zero FX 2.8 bms & parts - 20USD/25CAD O.B.O.SOLD

These parts were taken from 2 Zero FX 2.8 battery modules.

4) Zero XU 2011 Battery Frame bars - 30USD/40CADSOLD

These bars are removable with a screw and hold the battery in place for the Zero XU 2011. They should be interchangeable with other early Zero models.

5) 2011 Zero XU Battery Box - 30USD/40CADSOLD

Battery box, it's missing the back plate where the BMS attaches to.

6) Various Cells / Batteries - These items will not be shipped - 100CAD O.B.O. SOLD

Various batteries, some of them new, most of them recovered from other projects. Most of them are working. I used these mostly for testing when recovering or testing if a motor/controller or ebike was working or not in different configurations.

Re: ME Motor/Kelly Controller/Additive Bike Bag/Zero Parts/Cells etc. [Calgary, Canada]

Posted: Aug 25 2018 11:16pm
by bobmutch
sent pm

Re: ME Motor/Zero Parts/Cells etc. [Calgary, Canada]

Posted: Sep 03 2018 4:04pm
by spuzzete
Updated prices and Title.

Re: ME Motor[Calgary, Canada]

Posted: Sep 24 2018 4:34pm
by spuzzete
Updated sold items and title.

Re: XU Battery

Posted: Dec 16 2018 7:50am
by Lucas_Berlin

It is some time ago, but you posted about a broken XU Battery.
I am a European XU driver and struggle with same issue.

Did you manage to repair with Nissan Leaf Parts?
DO you know places where I can get information, to do it myself?
do you know places where I could buy a refurbished battery?

Greetings. Lucas from Berlin, Germany