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Bikee Bike 1500 watt x 100mm motor... cheap

Posted: Jan 23 2019 7:23pm
by elementary
FOR SALE is the largest wattage 100mm Bikee Bike (1500w) motor in excellent condition.

* The price is $1200.00 US cash only and must be tested and picked up in Erie Pennsylvania only a few miles from Interstate 90.

* The motor was only used for testing over a period of several months... about 15 or 20 miles total ride time.

* The deal is simple, the motor is now installed in a Carbon Fiber fat bike with HK Lipo's... the buyer can use the bike and batteries to test the motor insuring it is in excellent condition.

1. The bike can test the motor with two different sets of Lipo batteries...
1a. 16s Hobbykings 67.2v installed on the bike
1b. 20s Hobbykings 84v held in a backpack

2. After the buyer does a test ride, the motor can removed from the bike.

3. If the buyer wants to purchase the carbon fiber fat bike and/or batteries, that can be discussed.

Call or text 814-402-3078 ask for David
Bikee Bike 1500w 100mm
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Bikee 1500w carbon full suspension fattie
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Re: Bikee Bike 1500 watt x 100mm motor... cheap

Posted: Feb 11 2019 12:38pm
by elementary
Video of motor running can be seen on Facebook... Fast Electric bikes