Used Nine Continent (9c) rear motors and Lyen controller.

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Used Nine Continent (9c) rear motors and Lyen controller.

Post by Rifle » Feb 19 2019 11:29pm

I've got 2 old, broken slow-wound (6x10, do about 28mph at 72v) motors and one brand new M2706RD (9x6 winding) bought from Grin last winter. The new motor is laced into a relatively narrow rim and is still in-box from Grin. Pic below.
$200 + shipping firm for the new motor.
One of the broken motors is rusty and needs the hall sensors replaced. The other one is has an insignificant amount of rust and has already had the hall sensors replaced, but they are currently held in place with electrical tape that will not survive normal motor temperatures. Pictures below. I can open the partly fixed motor and take more pictures if there is interest.
$100 + shipping for both broken motors, or make an offer on one or both.
I also have a Lyen controller which was used to run the motors. At least I think it's a Lyen controller. It's been a loooong time. I thought I bought it from Cellman, but it looks like in my messages I communicated with Lyen about the software for connecting it to my computer. So I should also have that cord around somewhere too. It was used to run the motors with 72v of LiFePO, so it's good up to that. Picture below. $50 OBO.
2807 9c front hub. 48v 20ah Ping. 12s2p Lipo.

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