VESC problem

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garrettgajewski   1 mW

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VESC problem

Post by garrettgajewski » Jun 21 2015 4:42pm

hi, before i by a vesc, i wanted to download all of the configuration and stuff onto my computer. In Ben's tutorial, he uses terminal; however, I have windows therefore, i use command prompt. When i tried to copy and paste the instructions into command prompt, nothing came up and it was kind of like an error. Anybody know what i did wrong?

torqueboards   100 MW

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Re: VESC problem

Post by torqueboards » Jun 21 2015 4:44pm

You need a VM of Linux or a computer with Linux / Ubuntu for the commands to work. Electric Skateboard Kits

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Re: VESC problem

Post by 777arc » Jun 21 2015 7:31pm

Yep. It's pretty easy using virtualbox and a linux .iso file you download from a site like ubuntu.

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Re: VESC problem

Post by chuttney1 » Jun 21 2015 10:19pm

As others have said, Ben's code is compiled to work with Linux. I use Ubuntu 14.10 since there was one part of Ben's code for the "GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain" by Terry Guo that wasn't update to work on Ubuntu 15. I do not know if one for Ubuntu 15 is out. Use the LTS of Ubuntu 14.

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