bionx motor freewheel thread

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yumseyo   10 mW

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bionx motor freewheel thread

Post by yumseyo » Oct 29 2015 9:41am

Hi All, can anyone tell me what threads are on the bionx motor freewheel mount? Thanks in advance..

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bowlofsalad   1 MW

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Re: bionx motor freewheel thread

Post by bowlofsalad » Oct 29 2015 10:18am

In the upper right corner there is a search box, just beneath it there is a 'Using google search?" check box, be sure to do searches both with and without this check box checked as the results will be considerably different but both potentially interesting. Before starting threads or maybe even making a comment on a thread I recommend always doing 10 minutes minimum of searching on a subject. A lot of questions come up repeatedly on this forum so I am hoping that by saying this enough the hijacking/derailing as well as redundant threads slows down a bit. Searching for a thread and various forms of information is a rather important task in which you should be very capable of doing rather than asking others to do it for you. ... e+internet

d8veh   100 GW

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Re: bionx motor freewheel thread

Post by d8veh » Oct 29 2015 7:47pm

It's a stndard IS freewheel thread, so any standard Shimano type freewheel will fit. You probably want to get a DNP one for the 11T top gear.

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