Throttle Tamer's for sale

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Re: Throttle Tamer's for sale

Post by redline2097 » May 02 2016 6:14am

Should I adjust ramp up rate on my Kelly Controller to fastest and configure ramp rate with Throttle Tamer?

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Re: Throttle Tamer's for sale

Post by elusivemite » Jan 27 2017 1:09pm

Are these still avaikible for purchase. Looking for something to tweak an early oset 12.5 24v to make it smoother for my 2year old.

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Re: Throttle Tamer's for sale

Post by Bazaki » Mar 01 2017 4:24pm

I also would like to buy one

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Re: Throttle Tamer's for sale

Post by jimwebo » Mar 07 2017 3:57am

I need a tamer.
Tell me how much it costs to Spain.
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Re: Throttle Tamer's for sale

Post by steveo » Mar 07 2017 10:35am

if it helps at all

I have 2 of these, but they are not working, they may be fixable if you need them. I believe i even bought some parts to try to fix them but i never ended up doing so.

let me know and i can ship em out to you for a low cost, to my knowledge i believe these are discontinued.

Repair Thread ... =3&t=27170
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Re: Throttle Tamer's for sale

Post by r3volved » Mar 08 2017 9:45am

Ya I think he stopped making these a while ago. They did work really well...

For what it's worth, I had one on my original GnG mid-drive bike and I was able to get the same results from throttle-tuning a Cycle Analyst v3. Once I got the CA, it obsoleted the need for the tamer circuit.

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