Dirt e-scooter custom

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Dirt e-scooter custom

Post by Rikobonito » Jan 29 2017 11:37am

Hi e-riders !

After some esk8 and e-mtb made, I would like to try dirt scooter convertion :mrgreen: just for fun and try something new (want a compromise between bike and skate ... so it looks good it !).

Of curse my inspiration was the instopable beetbocks builds (amazing constent recherche and development) and Keith scooter around the turnigy motor, masterpiece ! Thanks to all also for your sharing, but I got some new parts and vocabulary about the scooter : Handlebar, steering, compression kits, headset, hose clamp, compression SCS / IHC / HIC / ICC ... it's completely blurry, but I find some video with the different configuration mounted.
I will disassemble the scoot, clean it and go up to see and understand all this ! And prepare a little blank editing to visualize all that.
Beetbocks made it !!!
That one is crazzzy :P Image
Love it, want it :twisted: Image
motor position perfect for my project
Here is my new boy, Oxelo dirt scooter (a good opportunity 45€) steel frame, 8" wheels (more info on decathlon) :
I think I have room to mount a crown, maybe change the sings for trampa Superstart. But I see that there are bearings of skate type 8x22, and trampa are 10x22, 10x28 or 12x28 ... I see it with spacer and adapters. Don't know if it's possible to change or custom the axle...
Don't get the clearence for the battery "inside" the deck but maybe Around the junction of the bracket/gallows and the deck.

1th I need too ascend the handlebars !
What do I need to change, modify, add, to enhance and at the same time strengthen my handlebars :?:
I got a 3 point "Hose clamp" or "compression SCS / IHC / HIC / ICC" don't really know what I get now, the difference and benefit of itch other :oops: ...
Maybe someone could highlight me :idea: :)

The electrical parts list :
  • - motor GTX 6374 200kv 3kW
  • - ESC APS 120A
  • - Battery pack 10s8Ah (2x5S)
  • - Remote GT2B by Beetbocks ADS
  • - Ratio around 1:5 (9or10 x 50 T chain ISO05)
  • - Trampa Superstar 8" wheels
  • - Motor mount ? (on top of the deck like Beetbocks)
  • - A new "Hose clamp" or "compression SCS kit" to to enhance and at the same time strengthen my handlebars
  • - New deck shape larger (+5cm in wood or CF with passage over the motor and to the wheel to make brake)
  • - brakes if I could add it, and some other thing,.. many ideas I will edit in the post in a futur
What it the best way for the motor mount ? (for Integrate the chain tensioner)

More to come :wink:
my little blog with e-sk8, e-Cruiser, e-pintail, e-MTBoard, e-Dirt Scooter and others builds
... I wish also an e-MTBike soon !! :v: Thanks DIY Power community :wink:

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Re: Dirt e-scooter custom

Post by beetbocks » Mar 02 2017 6:23am

looking good..:)
i made 2x configurations of the motor mount- one below ,which gave good foot platform ..but meant the motor hung down and needed the alloy body to cover it .and also limits the motor diameter
and i also n=made this smaller scooter with integrated motor mount..

.and one below and above which gave a nice smooth bottom (my idea was for my son to still be able to grind the scooter,,:) but meant i had a shorter deck .. but i could fit any size motor

so pros and cons for each
if you didn't want to use the motor mount to tension the chain ..you could always use a spring loaded chain tensioner..like Kieth has..

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