Tritium Veefil fast charging in Australia.

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Tritium Veefil fast charging in Australia.

Post by Hillhater » Jul 18 2017 11:46pm of the barriers to EV uptake in Australia is the purchase price, but as pricing becomes more competitive, sales are expected to rise to 15% by 2030, or around 1 million electric vehicles. Coordinated policy and infrastructure will be required to keep up with the rest of the world. The Electric Vehicle Council is pushing for incentives to increase the uptake of electric vehicles, such as taxation measures and public charging stations.
The time required to charge has also been an issue, with cars taking between four and six hours to fully charge. Despite this, charging technology is rapidly changing. Veefil charging stations from Brisbane company Tritium can fully charge an electric car in just 20 to 30 minutes and there are plans for stations that can charge in less than a minute. Tritium invests heavily in R&D and they now offer the most advanced EV battery charging technology in the world. Having opened offices in the US and Europe, they are considering doubling the team over the next year or two. ... cles-2020/
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Re: Tritium Veefil fast charging in Australia.

Post by kiwiev » Jul 22 2017 4:58am


We have a Tesla super charger in Cooma now 50 Km from home it almost may convince me to buy a model X. :D

Cheers Kiwi

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