London Electric Cars..

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London Electric Cars..

Post by Hillhater » Jan 23 2018 6:59pm

This forum owes its existence to Justin of

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Re: London Electric Cars..

Post by dingoEsride » Jan 23 2018 11:32pm

I like the restoring of old classic's and converting to electric drive, nice job
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Re: London Electric Cars..

Post by The Toecutter » Jan 24 2018 9:12pm

I'm more partial to the Triumph GT6 and Spitfire due to their low weight and low overall CdA, with ample battery room. Reverend Gadget's GT6-bodied Spitfire only needed about 100 Wh/mile to cruise at 60 mph on flat ground! Of course, he DID pull out a lot of tricks to help its efficiency, just driving one with no mods at all could still see you doing 60 mph on 200 Wh/mile, which is leaps and bounds ahead of most commercially available EVs.

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