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Post by » Jan 28 2018 11:41am

Hey y'all,

I would like to introduce you to our new project Basically, the idea is an e-scooter conversion kit that fits onto nearly any kick scooter. The kit is easy to mount and no special tools are required. Everything is presoldered and plug&play ready. No permanent modification to your original scooter needed!

Check out our official launch video:

In our online shop you can either buy the All incl. Kit starting from € 279,99 or just buy the parts seperately.


You can use this scooter to challenge your friends on a given race track or use it for e.g. on a campground to go from A to B.

We also think its an ideal way to live the engineering life and learn the physics behind an electric vehicle. It will be a never ending project as you can always enhance your bmc scooter with accessories from our shop.

Stop by an have a look at Let us know what you think.

Thanky, Michael from


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Re: - Electrify your scooter

Post by LockH » Jan 28 2018 1:41pm

SO much I *love* about your "project"!

MY first experience with battery assist two-wheelers were on the Currie® Phat Flyer SE Electric kick Scooter (watt had "extra kick" via a chain-drive motor and two 12V 10Ah SLAs in series...)

AND PLUS ONE on the idea to offer a conversion kit rather than to "reinvent the wheel" as manufactured electric bikes are starting to flood into the markets... (at least in North America...). And how many bikes, etc are already "out there" where a "low cost" conversion kit will be an attractive option for millions...

AND... Friction drive too??? Extra nice, simple approach... Some folks will say "not perfect", but watt is? Still wayyy better than pedal (kick) -only for urban travels as entertainment. :)

BUT. (but, but, but...) Laws local to me ie Canada actually require that our "power-assisted" bikes on roads have operable pedals. [Sigh...]

So like lots re your conversion kit as friction drive, however any chance you'll EVer have a more "bike-friendly" option that'll fit a more "generic" bike?

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Re: - Electrify your scooter

Post by » Feb 03 2018 6:38am

Hi LockH,

thank you for your feedback. There is quite alot in common with the Currie® Phat Flyer SE Electric kick Scooter you've mentioned above in terms of design and structure. However, with the modular concept and cross compatibility of our bmc-scooter components you can individually deisgn your e-scooter after your needs. Furthermore, our kit is compatible with alot of push scooters on the market, so if you have an old one in your shed, you could start with your e-scooter project straight away. Also, we're not using friction drive as the motor is too strong and would produce too much slippage and heat. We decided to go with the chain drive, as you can derive from the picture below.


We are aware of the current law situation. Today, as high-performance sporting equipment, the bmc-scooter is completely legal to use in Germany and other countries on private property. For tomorrow, we see a future where bmc-scooter can enjoy responsible use anywhere.Though we think,the fun in the first place is about designing and building your own individual e-scooter, rather than using it as a commuter to go from A to B. You may use it on campgrounds, festivals or skateparks though.

Our kit is not compatible with bikes yet, however we're looking into that in the near future.

Thanks again for your comment. Have a good one.

Michael from

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