Kelly KLS 7230 S, Red Led On

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Kelly KLS 7230 S, Red Led On

Post by Bricoleur1702 » Feb 13 2018 6:37am

Hi, I am Fabien in France,

I make a machine with two electric motors
After 2 KEB of which one burned, I bought 2 KLS7230S for my machine. ONE never walked and was replaced by the manufacturer.
I had to write with the software on the controller while the motor turned what is forbidden!
The engine stopped and the red led stays on. Unable to resend the controller, it stops responding and can not connect with the computer.

For Fany from Kelly, the controller is HS. There is no solution because no problem, it is possible to reprogram the controller, reseter ....
did someone also make that mistake and had a solution other than buy back?

Big weakness of Kelly controller who do not put warning messages in their software, just in the manual!
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