Probably it's the smallest e-bike

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Probably it's the smallest e-bike

Post by Bobwheel » Mar 12 2018 5:35am

We've developed a mini e-bike(InMotion P1F) about 2 years ago, and lots of Asian and European people are using it for short distance commute, and some of them even bring it into subway. But it seems the cities in US are more spread out, and it seems all the road are built for cars.

We got some people buy for their kids since it's very tiny and portable, but the speed is a little fast for kids, although there is lots of fun riding it. ... ini-e-bike
Retail price: $699, but we are offering very attractive discount now
Warranty: 1 year
Shipping: Free shipping for this season
Focus on last mile commute solution for cities:

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