Need help with Sabvoton 72150

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Need help with Sabvoton 72150

Post by rastafhur » Mar 22 2018 8:45am

hi guys!
I´m building and EEB 72v 30ah bms 150a with a sabvoton 72150, my problem is, i can´t seem to power up the sabvoton.
I have a key switch connected to the + and the other end to the key connector on the sabvoton also the phase wires, 3 speed and throttle (Domino), tried to connect the + from sabvton to the key connector and nothing...

i think i got the throttle right,
Domino Sabvoton
Blue Orage
White Black
Black White/Grey
i have two gree one's, read somewhere that the green must be connected to 5v, so i connected the BLUE and GREEN together, is it ok?

What could be the problem? do i need to connect it to the pc first? also i got the usb dongle so i don't have to use pc, instead i will use an android phone (if that's possible to configure using android).
Hope you can help me out.

PS: the motor is a QS 205 V3, can´t wait to ride my bike, been waiting for 6 months (build)
PS2: think i found the problem, i was only getting 24V into the sabvton, it wasnt enough volts for it to power on.

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Re: Need help with Sabvoton 72150

Post by evolutiongts » Mar 23 2018 1:15am

You should be a red/orange (ignition) coming from Sabvoton.

Connect a red wire (Battery position) to a switch and connect that to ignition. Turn on.
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Re: Need help with Sabvoton 72150

Post by Mick48 » Dec 21 2018 7:34am


Did you ever figure it out? I know its been 9 months since your last post but I was curious. BTW, nice bike!

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