HELP! single hub e-board build

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HELP! single hub e-board build

Post by joeA » Mar 28 2018 7:03pm


semi-noob here

I would like to build a single hub motor e-board that tops out at 15mph and has the longest range and most torque possible… im a skinny dude and dont do any sliding or downhill fancy stuff… just 15mph is good for me…

the battery must have some kind of system where i can plug it directly into a wall

i need to buy a hub motor with the maytech style square hole mounting style... NOT THE EWHEELIN

what would the specs for this system be

TBH… just including links to the esc and battery that i should buy on aliexpress or ebay or something would be AWESOME… im also not sure if the motor above would fit the specs i need… so including a link for one of those as well would be great… but as long as it has the square insert style for mounting to the truck…

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Re: HELP! single hub e-board build

Post by Hariboisawesome » Mar 29 2018 1:24am

Hey man I just thought id respond to ya with my two cents, I highly recommend that you go with a dual hub set-up regardless of your weight.
If you live in a slightly hilly area youre likely to run hot. My recommendation would be to check out steel hubs or to contact hummie here on the forum

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