Anyone in Boston willing to give my dead battery a look?

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Anyone in Boston willing to give my dead battery a look?

Post by suzyf921 » May 15 2018 6:33pm

Hi everyone,
I have an Allcell battery 48v 13ah which sat too long during the hard winter a few years ago, and now won't take a charge. I'm hoping it's not junk (that would be SO SAD! :( ) and I wonder if in this tech-rich city, there is someone who could take a look at it and tell me if anything can be done to salvage it, and hopefully if the answer is yes, to actually do what needs to be done. I am of course willing to pay for this - I don't know what a fair price is, but it was a good battery and replacing it won't be cheap! (It was from an e-bike kit I put together myself). Let me know if you are within reasonable driving distance of Boston and we'll see what can be done. Thanks in advance!
Best wishes, Susie

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Re: Anyone in Boston willing to give my dead battery a look?

Post by Sunder » May 15 2018 6:52pm

Batteries that have been left alone too long usually just have run below the protection circuit's low voltage cut off.

They usually can be recovered fairly easily by giving it a direct charge (by opening up the case, and charging the cells without the protection circuit), but be aware that if it's sat more than a few months in a very flat state, then the repairer may get it working - but you might find the battery goes half or even less of the distance it did when you last used it.

It's definitely worth a look if you can do it yourself, or find someone local to do it for a couple beers, but if I were you, I wouldn't be willing to fork out too much money to have it done. Batteries have a shelf life whether you use it or not, and improper storage can shorten that even further.
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