Direct-to-Consumer Company Start Selling on Amazon?

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Direct-to-Consumer Company Start Selling on Amazon?

Post by LockH » Dec 19 2018 1:53pm

(Harvard Business Review)
Case Study: Should a Direct-to-Consumer Company Start Selling on Amazon?: ... -on-amazon

Sitting in his office, Mark Ellinas frowned at his computer screen. It was filled with row after row of electric bikes, from expensive models to cheap knockoffs that seemed held together by spit and a prayer. Though they varied in style and price, the bikes did have one thing in common: where they were being sold. The website he was looking at, flush with options, was Amazon.

As the CMO of PedalSpark, a small maker of high-end electric bicycles, Mark was considering strategies for selling the company’s new ride.

(BTW... ES Bible "Search found 1 match: "PedalSpark""... this post. Not a real co. name AFAIK...) :mrgreen:
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Re: Direct-to-Consumer Company Start Selling on Amazon?

Post by beast775 » Dec 19 2018 3:37pm

High End - Pedal Spark , my brow furrows :wink:
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