BMS for charging only.

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BMS for charging only.

Post by deronmoped » Feb 11 2019 2:18am

I have a RC LiPo pack that I want to make charging easier. The way I have been charging it now, is alternating between a bulk charger and charging the cells individually with a balance charger. I would like to use the bulk charger most of the time, but cells go out of balance very quickly. It's a pain charging, so for that reason, it limits my use of the bike. The pack is 10S2P. The question is, can I install a BMS to just balance the pack? I would not be using the output function or discharge limit function. I would still be using my existing ESC for output to the motor. I have a low voltage alarm.

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Re: BMS for charging only.

Post by Sunder » Feb 11 2019 4:43am

Yes. This is fine. As long as you are leaving the pack on the charger after it finishes to balance regularly, the cells should not fall out of balance so far that its an issue.

Still check from time to time in case you have a faulty cell though.
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deronmoped   10 kW

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Re: BMS for charging only.

Post by deronmoped » Feb 12 2019 10:55am

OK, I'm going to give it a try. I see there is a ton of BMS boards out there, is there a board that is preferred? Or is there a go to dealer that backs up their product?

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Re: BMS for charging only.

Post by 999zip999 » Feb 12 2019 2:00pm

What cells ? Fo you hammer them ? How old ?

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Re: BMS for charging only.

Post by kcuf » Feb 12 2019 3:22pm

expensive bms may see some support

too many variables wiring bms to pack to expect much

i do this find bms on ebay

5-15a bms cheap and good enough for charge only

balancing will be slow 40ma 80ma bleed current

takes long time if pack badly out

wired correctly will protect charging cells
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