I will never buy from Luna Cycle again, if I don't have to

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I will never buy from Luna Cycle again, if I don't have to

Post by gncbikesADK » Feb 14 2019 4:58pm

Great group of guys to work with... until there is a problem. I ordered a set of cranks for a customer's e-bike from Luna and received them packaged in a soft bag. They were all scratched up as they had been rubbing against each other the entire way here to NY from Cali. I reached out to their customer service manager, who was little help and disinterested in fixing the issue. Tony told me that all of the Lekkie cranks are damaged, because they come from New Zealand. The first pair I bought from Luna several months ago arrived flawlessly, so this made little sense to me. I reached out to Lekkie and they gave me some other vendors to use, and warned me of Luna Cycle's abhorrent returns policy. And when I asked Luna Cycle to have the replacement set shipped in an actual box, I was told that they could not guarantee it. How can you not guarantee a box? So at that point I knew I had to cut ties with these guys.
But wait it gets better! Both Tony and Gary in customer service proceeded to tell me that I would have to wait for 3 weeks before I could get my refund. Why? The only reason I can think of is to deter people returning damaged merchandise. The cranks were conveniently on sale, too, which leads me to believe they knowingly sent me returned and/or damaged merchandise. I had to open an actual fraud case with PayPal to get my refund! And as soon as I did that, surprise surprise - My refund was processed. Shady business practices to say the least.
And the best part? Not even an apology through this entire mess. And that was all I really wanted! I was looking to establish a good business relationship, as I build custom e-bikes for our shop customers, but not with a vendor that could care less when I have a problem.
I recommend buying your Bafang parts and accessories elsewhere. I shudder to think what type of nonsense they would pull if I had to return a mid-drive.,.. Thankfully you can get ALL of the equipment elsewhere, and for the most part quite a bit cheaper than Luna Cycle. I recommend em3ev.com. They fast-tracked a set of Lekkie cranks to me in under a week and guess what? They arrived undamaged... and in an actual freaking box! Grin in Canada (ebikes.ca) also has great service and they stand behind the products they sel. And if you can't find the part you need, message me and I will help you find a reliable vendor - Don't give these guys your money!

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Re: I will never buy from Luna Cycle again, if I don't have to

Post by flat tire » Feb 14 2019 5:07pm

When Luna fucks up, it's not pretty. They are extremely unprofessional.

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Re: I will never buy from Luna Cycle again, if I don't have to

Post by petedegan » Sep 11 2019 12:28am

I too have had problems with luna. I paid 250 extra for a higher amp bbshd and they sent the stock controller. Never got a refund. Nothing. Just a case number. These guys are bad. Really bad. Maybe criminal.

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