[UK/Warwickshire] SOLD Battery, motors, controllers and sundries for sale

Got something to sell? Have extra parts that need a good home? Have something that others would need to complete their kits? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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[UK/Warwickshire] SOLD Battery, motors, controllers and sundries for sale

Post by ndg » Feb 21 2019 7:02am

Sold now, thanks

I have a collection of EV parts that I acquired (legitimately!) from a prototype EV that was being dismantled last year. I had hoped to use some/most of it in my own project, but I just can't make the components I have work for the project I want to do. As we're in the middle of renovating our house I can't justify the extra spend to get where I want to, so I think it's best that I let these bits go to a home where they'll be used.



So for sale are the following:

1. 1off Brusa NLG511 charger - currently configured for CAN interface I think, but these can be easily reprogrammed with freely available software. I have plugs and leads to go with it including a charge lead and vehicle socket. £150
https://www.brusa.biz/fileadmin/Diverse ... s_Nr24.PDF
2. 2off YASA 750 Motors (750Nm, 100kW each) each with a Sevcon Gen 4 size 8 controller - these are CAN controlled with different message ID's for each motor as they were configured as an eAxle/Diff. As they were paired they have no back plate as they shared coolant - this would be easy to make from thin aluminium - the backs are currently taped to keep debris out. They currently have driveshaft cups attached and I have a pair of GKN driveshafts to go with them if someone wanted to replicate this installation. With the sevcon controllers the motors are limited to 2000rpm, but they are rated to 3250rpm with an appropriate controller. The link contains the motor electrical spec, but these motors were made with a larger core pass though, so they clould probably take a diff in the centre with some engineering. Happy to send a drawing through if required. The covers on the sevcon controllers have broken fixings, this seems to be very common on these, I was planning to repair with an insert. £500ea
http://www.sevcon.com/products/high-vol ... s/gen4-s8/
3. 1off Brand new in box YASA 750, no controller - Identical specs to the above, but no controller. £300
4. 1off 26kWh 215V 200A LiFePO4 Battery - built professionally from 2720 26650 3Ah cells in two blocks, total configuration is 68S40P, one 32S block, one 36S. The pack is passively cooled, but has heating elements built in. It has all of the contactors etc required to make it safe when not powered up. A BMS and BIM (Batery Interface Module) are included which are a black box, but I do have the CAN file and maessage strategy (wake up/enable etc.) for controlling. Currently sat in a vehicle specific tray, but each block is sealed and I was planning to make a support frame and extend/shorten the interconnects as required. This could be used as in a powerwall/renewables storage system too I would have thought. £1000
http://www.drypower.com.au/shop/product ... 650EC.html
5. Misc Spare cell blocks (1S40P) and BMS modules from a second stripped pack. To go with the above battery as spares.
6. 1off High Voltage 4kW Behr Air blast PTC heater - for integration into HVAC unit in place of a heater core. Having used these in EV's I can testify that they're great, absolutely instant heat - so much better than an IC car! £100
7. 1off MES 70/6 E2 Vacuum pump for brakes etc. £100
8. 1off Kongsberg ES-3000 drive select lever - universal with D-N-R positions. Two counterswept potentiometers for implausability checking. £80
http://www.kongsbergautomotive.com/prod ... r-shifter/
9. 4off contactors with and without economisers, will check ratings when I get home. £20ea
10. 1off Power distribution unit - I think I have some CAN for this, but I was planning on using it with my own controller and use the power switching elements, connectors and box. Has connections for the battery, inverters, charger, PTC etc and includes a DC/DC, precharge etc. £100
11. Collection of interconnecting cables for all of the different bits with original connectors on - will split these with the various units to keep connector pairs together

I have lots of documentation that will go with the parts, CAN .dbc files, drawings, spec sheets, block diagrams etc.

I've put detailed photos in an album here.

More than happy to sell the whole lot as one concern (£2500), or split into battery (£1000)/power electronics (£1650). All the parts are located in Warwickshire in the UK, and ideally would be collected from there, but I can look at shipping if necessary at cost. Shipping the battery will be much harder, if not impossible unless you have a method for doing that due to dangerous goods requirements. Although I can probably help get it around the middle of the UK - up to 100miles or so for the cost of fuel if you don't have transport. I'd suggest hiring a van for the day though, I can help with loading at my end.

Any questions or offers, please drop me a message or post here and I'll get back to you ASAP. I'll leave it a week before I split up the package as it will be much easier to sell to just one or two people!

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Re: [UK/Warwickshire] Battery, motors, controllers and sundries for sale

Post by Suggs » Feb 21 2019 7:17pm

Sent you a pm

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Re: [UK/Warwickshire] Battery, motors, controllers and sundries for sale

Post by ndg » Mar 01 2019 2:13am

Thanks for all the interest. Sale agreed pending collection with a with a forum member.

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