The future of our forum - facebook versus web forums

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Re: The future of our forum - facebook versus web forums

Post by neptronix » Mar 05 2019 1:30pm

boars wrote:
Feb 21 2019 9:47pm
Having said all of that, none of this should apply to Endless Sphere - as far as I'm aware (I haven't bothered to look deeply) there's no advert platform or user tracking analytics (aside GA which is fairly lightweight).
This forum is optimized as much as phpbb can be optimized, and then there's some custom database format optimizations too. In no way would i taint that with some chunky bloatware. I have even considered running an assembly language based web server to squeeze another few msecs out of each http response :mrgreen:. Don't worry about bloat here..
In other news: please keep FB tracking/login/anything the heck away from here though
Of course. GA is all i'd want to install. Just because i need high quality info on how much traffic we are getting. Normally i'd run Matomo analytics instead, but it is a cpu hog on the server itself. Yuo can easily block google analytics if you are privacy focused.
Also you could always add optional skins if you were to change the look and feel of the site, that way old users that prefer the old look could then switch to that look and feel - get the best of both worlds.
We already have that feature ;). Just find the theme switcher in the user control panel, but be warned that the default theme in phpbb 3.2.x is buggy compared to the default theme i created. Only use it if you can't handle change.

Unfortunately there are not a lot of good themes for phpbb 3.2.x because most webmasters cannot handle the complexity of them, or maybe there is just a declining interest in phpbb. We wanted a variety of looks available, but there just aren't many good ones, thus se_square_nx was born. I wanted the look to be more modern and have hints of reddit, but got stalled on making anything other than conservative changes.
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