Help needed : DIY display for a TRANZX M07 motor

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Help needed : DIY display for a TRANZX M07 motor

Post by dadwarf » Jun 11 2019 2:42pm


I bought an almost complete e-bike (ARCADE ENJOY) with a mid drive motor (TRANZX M07 36v 250w) without display and battery !
I thought it will be easy to guess the communication protocol and build a display with an Arduino. But in the entire web i found no clue and the motor itself is perfectly quiet !

What i know :
- It uses i2c protocol to communicate with the display and the batterie.
- It uses a CYPRESS PSoC 1 (CY8C27443-24PVXI) microcontroller.
- It works with 36v.
- All pins designations (from the PCB).
- The original display is the TRANZX DP10.
- The battery i2c slave address is 0x0b (from this post)
- When i put 36v there is nothing on 5v, sda, scl pins, but if i put 5v on ISSP 5v pin a led flicks.

Photos :
PCBs front
PCBs back
External connector

The PSoc 1 programmer from CYPRESS cost 50€. the ISSP proprietary protocol has been ported to Arduino (hssp) but it looks uneasy to make a PSoC dump.
The motor probably act as master in i2c communication so i don't know how to make it talk first !
Yes i could buy a DP10 but it cost ~200€ and my goal is to build a display myself.
Even if make a fake battery with a Raspberry acting as i2c slave it won't help me with the display !

If someone could give me a clue to start with that motor i would be very happy !

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