Koenigsegg founder buys a Tesla MS, “more fun to drive than a BMW M5”

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Koenigsegg founder buys a Tesla MS, “more fun to drive than a BMW M5”

Post by MitchJi » Jun 24 2019 12:23pm

https://www.motorauthority.com/news/109 ... than-an-m5

Koenigsegg founder Christian von Koenigsegg has revealed he’s a huge fan of electric cars, and that he sees the zero-emission vehicles becoming a dominant form of transport by 2020. Koenigsegg, for those unfamiliar with the Swedish brand, is a manufacturer of some of the world’s fastest supercars, so to learn that its founder thinks electric cars are the future may come as bit of a surprise.
However, probably the biggest indicator that Koenigsegg's founder is keen on electric cars is the fact that he recently took delivery of a Tesla Model S in his native Sweden, a car he ordered > than 18 months ago
“It is one of the best driving experiences ever, which is saying a lot for something that is supposed to be a normal car.” He went on to say that “the response is electrifying,” and “almost better than a Formula One engine because it is so instantaneous.”
It may come as a bit of a shock that Christian drives an American-made EV and genuinely likes it. He aspired to reach the same level of instant performance in the Regera, but unfortunately couldn’t. It just can’t be achieved w/current traditional combustion engine technology.
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