velomobile suspension, advice needed. Build thread

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Re: velomobile suspension, advice needed. Build thread

Post by agniusm » Jul 01 2019 1:24am

The Toecutter wrote:
Jun 30 2019 2:01pm
agniusm wrote:
Jun 10 2019 2:13pm
What would be maximum didn't you can get through bike path gates ? I would like it as wide as I can.
My KMX tadpole trike is 39" wide from front wheel to front wheel. There are some bike paths where I only have about 1-2" of clearance on each side of the bollards.

I'd recommend going no wider than 40" total vehicle width if you're intent on taking this onto the bike paths without any issue.
Pretty close of what i measured. I was near the see and there was trikes and 4 wheelers at 1.1meter wide (43")

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