Ebike etc garage sale: motors, controllers, mechanical bits

Got something to sell? Have extra parts that need a good home? Have something that others would need to complete their kits? Post it up here and see if anyone else is searching for what you are selling.
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Ebike etc garage sale: motors, controllers, mechanical bits

Post by ttobiassen » Jul 08 2019 10:15am

***please research your shipping options a bit before reaching out with an offer, please :) ***

Hi all. Tried to make my description thorough, but basically: I'm clearing out the last 5 years of EV hobby, including ebike parts, go kart parts, batteries, controllers, the works. Local viewing at shop sale will be available at 400 North Lexington Street, Pittsburgh PA, on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening. PM me if you're local and want to swing by.

Most all of these can be found in this photo album for reference:


All prices assume shipping is on the buyer, so do your homework first. Located in Pittsburgh (15524), moving to Jacksonville (32256). Can do pickup or delivery in these two cities or somewhere along the interstate.

Item / Condition / Asking Price

**SOLD** Neugart PLE80-5, 5:1 planetary gearbox / Used - Good / $60**SOLD**

Neugart PLE120-3, 3:1 planetary gearbox, BEEFY / Used - Good / $80

**SOLD** "Manta" PMG226 aka ETEK clone, 10hp continuous, old school / Dusty but new / $300 **SOLD**
***weird size steel pipe section can come with the etek, sized for making a protective ring for a moped build i never finished, see pics

Moped or moto style hub with internal drum, attached sprocket, 135 OLD / Dusty but new / $75

**SOLD** Kelly KDS48200E 48V 100A cont 200A peak brushed ESC / Used - Fair (cable lengths short) / $50 **SOLD**

**SOLD** Goldenmotor BLT-500 / Used - good / $30**SOLD**

Goldenmotor BLT-800 / Used - fair / $40

NineContinent 36V22A ESC (12S capable before HVC) / Used - Good / $25

NineContinent 36V22A ESC (12S capable before HVC) / Used - Fair, but regen wires have been cut short / $15

**SOLD** 12 FET 4110 Mark II Extreme Modder LYEN Edition Controller / New / $75**SOLD**

ASTRO model 120 "12V" PS, 150W / Used - Good / $10

Pyramid "12V" PS, 150W cont 450W surge, comes with alligator leads/ Used - Fair / $20 (heavy!)

Vruzend Battery Kit V1.5 / New / $15

**SOLD** 10S BMS 36V 40Acont / New / $10**SOLD**

2X Model ZY1020 24V permanent magnet motors w/#25 sprockets / Used - Good / $25 each, $40 both

NineContinent 2808 direct drive hubmotor w/spokes and rim, NEEDS LACED / Used - Poor (works but rusty) / $50, or $40 hub only

20/5 five wire, teflon coat wires with jacket, great for hall sensor runs through hub axle / new / free with purchase!

Wheelbuild: 20" BMX rim with Maxxis Hookworm, 3-speed Nexus IGH, comes with twist shifter / Used - Good / $60

**SOLD** Cycle Analyst with GPS Analogger, vintage 2012 / Used - Good / $80**SOLD**

**SOLD** Waterproof 12V SLA box, made for trolling motor / Used - Fair / $20**SOLD**

Yuba Mundo bike with fat wheel build and nexus 8 speed, incomplete (needs bottom bracket and brakes) / Used - Good / $300

**SOLD** 10X 12V35AH SLA AGM, 8 of which are built into 2X 48V packs / Used - Fair / $100, local pickup only**SOLD**

**SOLD** 8X 4S 16AH Turnigy Multistar lipo packs / Used - Good / $50 each or $300 lot, local pickup only**SOLD**

**SOLD** HobbyKing Quattro 4x6s multi-bay charger with TONS of accessory cables / Used - Good / $80**SOLD**

Tons and tons of bicycle components, brake levers, throttles, hydros, handlebars, etc

Disregard all the other heavy equipment stuff in there (unless you're local to Pittsburgh! Then PM me).

Hit me up! I'll be doing a local shop sale, so this stuff should go quick. I'll try to update as things are sold.
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Re: Ebike etc garage sale: motors, controllers, mechanical bits

Post by eTrike » Jul 08 2019 12:05pm

Pm sent for CA.

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Re: Ebike etc garage sale: motors, controllers, mechanical bits

Post by azneinstein » Jul 09 2019 3:47pm

PM sent about a few items.

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Re: Ebike etc garage sale: motors, controllers, mechanical bits

Post by Ariane » Jul 19 2019 8:07pm

PM sent

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Re: Ebike etc garage sale: motors, controllers, mechanical bits

Post by BYqSXt8Z » Jul 21 2019 4:58pm

Payment sent for LYEN controller and CA

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