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Re: PM Stuck in Outbox

Post by mxs » Jul 19 2019 9:17am

Just a suggestion ... Update FAQ, so this "feature" is clearly manifested to new board members, because it's not very obvious. I, for example, have not run into this sort of a setup on any other board, I must say.

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Re: PM Stuck in Outbox

Post by neptronix » Jul 19 2019 11:34am

The FAQ is generated by the phpbb software, so we don't have easy control over what it says.

In the future, we plan to migrate to another message board software, so finer points like this will change.
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Re: PM Stuck in Outbox

Post by fechter » Jul 19 2019 2:01pm

I made this topic sticky so it will stay near the top of the section.
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Re: PM Stuck in Outbox

Post by amberwolf » Jul 19 2019 10:01pm

FWIW, there is a topic "Welcome Message to New Members" at the top of each forum section, that will point you to a number of index threads, FAQs and helpful topics on various subjects.

BTW, all four of these posts on this page are completely OT for this thread, and probably should go in this thread
or perhaps a completley new one.

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