s900 display - compatable replacement

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s900 display - compatable replacement

Post by vbebike » Jun 26 2019 9:18am

I have a s900 display that is not functioning.. Can anyone recommend a compatible display. Also, do all displays have the same outputs.. the controller is a suzhou tongshen bicycle co 48v LCO4822C1H-TS26.. thanks for any help out there

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Re: s900 display - compatable replacement

Post by slcpunk » Jul 26 2019 10:11am

There are people here that know way more than me, but since no one has replied, I'll pass along what I can think of.
It should be easy to just get another SW900. You might be inclined to get something else, but I think the chances of compatibility issues with your controller will go up a bunch.

Check Amazon and Ebay for SW900 LCD displays. Look at the connections and see if they match up with the ones on your controller.

that's what I would do. That is a fairly standard display, so it should be easy to replace.

A few quick links ( I have no idea if these have the same connections as yours, but check it out )

https://www.amazon.com/EBIKELING-Displa ... r=8-2&th=1

https://www.amazon.com/Intelligent-Cont ... 180&sr=8-3

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Re: s900 display - compatable replacement

Post by DAND214 » Jul 26 2019 11:15am

Isn't a shame that a display costs as much or more, than the controller.


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