Tesla Battery Day

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Tesla Battery Day

Post by aroundqube » Mar 04 2020 2:13pm

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Re: Tesla Battery Day

Post by Dauntless » Mar 05 2020 1:01am

Any sufficiently advanced technology is INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM MAGIC!
- Arthur C. Clarke

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Re: Tesla Battery Day

Post by jonescg » Mar 05 2020 6:58am

Will be interesting to see if they have some new formulations up their sleeves. The Maxwell process will add power and good thermal properties to the resume, while electrolyte formulations will enhance safety and cycle life.

LG is doing some good stuff, so GM might be OK. Just a shame they won't make their offerings available in right hand drive markets :(

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Re: Tesla Battery Day

Post by Pedrodemio » Mar 05 2020 1:47pm

This guy has been doing an awesome research on everything that could be incorporated into the new cells



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